IF&#39s new &#39one-stop-shop&#39 service for advisers

Intelligent Finance is rolling out a new service initiative for professional advisers less than two years after launching the bank.

The Adviser Business Centre is currently being rolled out across the UK with all advisers having access to the new service before the end of the year. IF sales and marketing director Ian Jeffery says: “From the outset, we recognised the importance of advisers in the selling of financial services and made this a core focus of our strategy. We have been extremely successful in our first 18 months of trading, with around 76% of the bank&#39s £9.6bn in mortgage business being placed by advisers. However, we feel it is important not to become complacent and, as a result, the new ABC initiative has been developed.”

The new service initiative involves combining the contact centre and admin functions for advisers into a one-stop shop so that one call will deal with all issues. And those who are regular supporters of the bank will be given a dedicated area team within IF. By having a specific team dedicated to a geographic area, IF aims for its call handlers to be more knowledgeable about the marketplace in which the adviser operates. Smaller area-specific teams means that advisers will be able to build one-to-one relationships with IF staff. Jeffery adds: “The ABC concept has been developed following in-depth discussions with advisers and with input from across the bank. The pilots of the ABC have been well received and we are excited at having the ABC available by the end of the year.”