Guardian/PAA deal means Unlimited leads

Professional Adviser Alliance members are now able to receive leads from 450,000 Guardian Unlimited visitors. has reached an agreement with The Guardian&#39s website, Guardian Unlimited, to provide mortgage, credit card and loan channels exclusively on Money Unlimited, the dedicated money section of the site.

Money Unlimited receives 450,000 visitors a month. These will be able to request, via the site, that a mortgage adviser call them. These leads will be forwarded to the PAA, the 450-plus national alliance of advisers, who offer advice to and its portal partners&#39 customers.

The PAA already receives leads from the majority of other national newspaper websites including The Times, The Sunday Times, FT, Mail on Sunday and the Mirror.

Simon Nixon, PAA chief executive, says: “ partnership with Guardian Unlimited opens up its mortgage and loan comparison service to half a million more potential customers. This is a really exciting opportunity for members of the PAA as it will allow them to tap into a vast new distribution channel and benefit from even more targeted mortgage leads. Our experience has shown that most people are happy to research mortgages online but shy away from applying online due to their &#39big ticket&#39 nature. As a result the internet is turning into one of the strongest distribution channels for intermediaries. The success of the PAA, which only receives leads from websites, is living proof of this.”