130k homes have been sold at a loss since 2007

Over 130,000 families have sold their home at a loss since 2007, representing 41 per cent of transactions in England and Wales, according to research compiled by Castle Trust.

The firm analysed Government figures on UK housing transactions made between January 2007 and January 2013 and found that 131,442 were sold at a loss, with the average shortfall being £24,430 or approximately 11 per cent of the house price.

Over the same period of time, 179,689 transactions, representing 55.6 per cent of the total figure, were sold for a profit. An average return of £45,199 per transactions was recorded in these cases, or approximately 20.4 per cent of the house price.

Castle Trust chief executive officer Sean Oldfield says: “The long-term performance of house prices shows national house price growth in line with national wage growth but it is clear that individual house prices are really volatile and that home ownership is risky.”