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Technology is vital when time is money

Over 84% of people in the UK now use the internet, which means we can do the groceries, get an insurance quote or find out how much our house is worth with the click of a button.

This means our expectations of what constitutes good service have soared. Because we know how quickly such tasks can now be completed, we are not prepared to wait days for quotes or potentially life-changing financial decisions.

Never before has the expression time is money been more true. Used intelligently, technology can make all the difference between mediocre and exemplary customer service.

There is no place left to hide, and the latest mortgage software has removed any excuse for bad service – assuming of course that the human involved has been trained to use it effectively.

From a customer perspective, the process of obtaining a mortgage or indeed remortgaging is stressful enough. It isn’t just a business decision or a commoditised, rate-driven purchase such as car insurance. It cuts to the core of emotions. Wanting a roof over our heads is human nature.

Technology can considerably reduce the stress involved. It can also ensure you are running a more efficient and successful business. This is because it means you and your colleagues can concentrate on what you do best – provide first-class client service and turn potential leads into tangible and loyal new business.

Technology can ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips and can keep pace with the fast changing mortgage market.



Marketwatch – June 2012

Heroes&villains Hero of the week London mayor Boris Johnson for visiting Coreco Group and reaffirming his support for apprenticeships, the London housing market, mortgage brokers and small to medium sized firms. Villain of the week The Financial Services Authority for increasing fees payable by mortgage firms. At a time like this when income for many […]

Support our campaign to bring down FSA fees

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9 October thumbnail

Johnson Fleming set to host webinar on auditing auto-enrolment schemes

With 23 auto-enrolment compliance notices issued by the Pensions Regulator, and an evolving legislative landscape meaning previously compliant schemes may now be in breach of regulation, now is the time to think about auditing your auto-enrolment scheme. Johnson Fleming is hosting a webinar on 9 October at 11:00 on how to audit your scheme to ensure compliance, avoid breaches and fines and overcome data issues.


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