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Stress can also hit the uninsured hard

A couple of weeks ago my son came down with a virus, which was soon passed to the rest of us.


Not for a moment did I think that I would contract it, despite the fact that we share a home, so I was surprised when I too started to suffer a few days later.

We are all now fully recovered, but it got me thinking about why I had assumed I wouldn’t be affected.

The truth is that most of us believe it will never happen to us. Deep down we think we are invincible, which makes illness even more frightening and alien.

I believe this is one of the reasons why so few people take advantage of income protection insurance – because they do not want to accept that they may need to use it, particularly for something like stress.

Stress is one of those illnesses that people do not like to admit they are suffering from, but ignoring it can be catastrophic. When the pressure is building it is important to seek medical help before issues such as raised blood pressure and heart problems come into play.

In these tough times people can be reluctant to take time off work for fear of jeopardising their job security. But our health and our family are the most valuable things so must be looked after properly.

Income protection insurance offers peace of mind that, if the worst happens, bills can still be paid. This is especially important for those with mortgages to pay, and even more so if there are families to protect. The chances are that things will be fine, but when it comes to our health we should not leave anything to chance.


Robert Gardner

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