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Protection pays off in economic crisis

The global economic crisis might have encouraged individuals to be more financially aware but how many have translated that awareness into action?

Research by Bright Grey found that a third of British adults had nothing left over from their salary or were in debt at the end of each month.

While this might not seem unusual given the rising costs in household expenditure, it is a worrying trend.

If people keep spending without giving a thought to their financial future, they could find themselves much worse off financially should they become seriously ill and unable to work.

Having to take extended time off work for treatment and to recover will undoubtedly put a strain on the family finances.

Not many people will have thousands of pounds in savings to cover the financial shortfall that might be left between sick pay ending and being well enough to return to work.

But by cutting back just a little on their regular spending, most consumers should be able to find a small amount of money to pay for financial protection.

With the gender pricing ban coming into force in December, it has been suggested that life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection will never again be as cheap as they are at present.

That is certainly a reason to get in touch with customers and suggest they put in place solid financial foundations now to safeguard themselves for the future.



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