Title Deed: UX Mortgages

\"Our first company was founded in August 2002 and concentrated on buy-to-let properties,\" says Daljit Sandhu, director of UX Mortgages.

At that stage, the idea of setting up a mortgage company was somewhere in the founders’ subconscious and they had not made any plans to launch a lender. When thinking of a company name, they wanted something property-related, modern and, as they planned to concentrate on investing in cities, reflective of city life. Hence Urban Exposure.

“It was only when we decided to go ahead and set up the mortgage side of the business in January 2005 that we realised we needed to bridge the organisations,” says Sandhu. “But we also wanted to give our start-up an independent identity so we went with the simplest concept which was to abbreviate the name Urban Exposure to ‘UX’ and add ‘Mortgages’.”

UX Mortgages specialises in niche products for the buy-to-let market. By using an abbreviated version of Urban Exposure, the directors wanted their company to be seen as innovative and branching out into associated products while keeping the connection with the original firm and its known expertise in the property sector.

So UX Mortgages was able to build on an existing brand and its name represents an independent company that still has ties with an established firm.