Praxis pledges to help the environment

Praxis celebrated World Environment Day yesterday with by getting its staff to make green pledges from its staff and by supporting carbon-offsetting charity PURE.

The packager hopes to achieve the ISO14001 environmental standard by the end of 2007.

It is encouraging staff to write down their pledges to help the environment, such as printing fewer emails and using the stairs instead of the lift.

These will be pinned to the wall in reception.

Richard Stettner, managing director of Praxis, says: We are encouraging everyone here to take a moment and think about their daily routine. There will be at least one small thing they can change to improve the environment and we want them to pledge to do it.

But it is not just this that we have introduced today.

“Groups of Praxis staff will soon be heading out and about to help out in their community to do our bit in Birmingham and we have now selected PURE, which aims to tackle climate change, as our charity.

We have also introduced a new chart, in our reception, to show exactly what environmentally-friendly steps we are taking so that visitors know what a difference we are making and they can follow suit.

A nine-person green committee has now been set up at Praxis and staff will also mark Work Environment Day by paying to wear something green to raise money for PURE.

Praxis will match every pound donated by employees with a pound of its own for charity.

PUREs head of fund raising, Phil Wolski, said: The Trustees are delighted that Praxis has taken measures to combat climate