Nine out of 10 home movers against HIPs

Nine out of 10 home movers polled by ConveyanceLink are against the implementation of Home Information Packs.

The same percentage of estate agents, 87%, said they didn’t believe HIPs could be implemented either.

Out of the 1,276 home movers asked, only 9% thought it was a good idea and a further 4% said they weren’t sure, despite claims from the government that trials of the pack are going well.

In the separate industry poll, 93% of estate agents said they had been involved in promoting HIPs and creating awareness of the legislation prior to its original launch date, but only 27% said they would continue to do so as the scheme has been delayed and regulations are being revised.

Malcolm York, director at ConveyanceLink, says: “It’s interesting to see the same massive percentage of consumers and industry professionals have no faith in the HIPs scheme. It’s not surprising that people are sceptical, the entire system is in disarray and the regulations are simply unworkable.

“The government has neglected to listen to the industry and has subsequently put livelihoods at risk throughout the property sector, which is completely unacceptable. There is no question that changes and improvements to the process need to be made, but HIPs look like a disaster still waiting to happen.”