IHI calls for compensation for home inspectors

The Institute of Home Inspection is calling on all those qualified or in training to be a home inspector to fight back to keep the Home Information Pack industry alive.

The professional body for home inspectors and domestic energy assessors, IHI will join forces with other organisations such as the National Association of Registered Home Inspectors and the Association of Home Information Pack Providers to create an action group to persuade the government to support the thousands of inspectors and assessors facing financial ruin with new careers in turmoil.

Tony Gordon, secretary of the IHI, says: “Candidates of various backgrounds and ages have given up their time, borrowed substantial money in some cases, and put in a great deal of effort to be properly trained in time for the planned launch on June 1.

“Ultimately, there remains a great belief in the original intention of HIPs to speed up the selling process and make a significant contribution to home owners by providing information on the condition and energy performance of their property.“

The IHI says it hopes to push the government to fix a date when properties with less than four bedrooms will require a HIP and to re-instate the Home Condition Report.

Tony Gordon adds: “It appears that the Royal Institute of Chartered
Surveyors has successfully coerced the government into betraying thousands of energy assessors and home inspectors including some of its own members, who have paid substantial sums of money to become properly trained.”

“The IHI, whilst merely a ‘David’ in the scheme of things, has a commitment to both its members and the community at large and will not rest until the ‘Goliaths’ involved in this debacle also show some commitment to the public good as opposed to their own vested interests.

“We will be writing to the minister to ask what plans are in place to compensate the thousands of dedicated people who are seriously affected by this decision and need some concrete assurances that
there will indeed be a career that they have worked so hard to qualify for.

“We also ask all home inspectors and energy assessors, regardless of whether they are affiliated to another organisation or still in training, to contact us so that we can galvanise efforts for all concerned.”