Do you expect your parents to help you get on the property ladder?

Glynne Wiley, 28, account assistantI will not ask for help from my parents when it comes to buying a home but I know they helped my brother. I don’t think I will need money from my parents because I plan to wait until I am in a stable financial situation before I buy a property.

Marta Brandysiewicz, 31, fashion designerI would ask my parents for help but I don’t know whether they would agree to it. I think my dad will want me to learn the hard way.

Wjana Kiseliova, 19, waitressMy parents would not be able to help me and I’d feel guilty asking them for the money. I will get a mortgage on my own. Moussa Diaoune, 25, studentI would not ask for financial help from my parents. I’d prefer to buy somewhere on my own as it would be more of an achievement. But with house prices as high as they are, I won’t be able to afford to buy a property for a few years anyway.

Mariona Pich, 22, retail assistantNo, I would not ask for any help from my parents when it comes to buying a property. I’d rather save up to buy a house on my own.

John Elwell, 23, unemployedIf you need help to buy a property I don’t know what else you can do but ask your parents. My parents would help me if they could.

Michael Quinn, 28, account managerMy parents helped me towards the deposit for my mortgage. It’s hard to get the money you need these days. My dad also sorted out my mortgage for me.

Bilel Khan, 27, store managerI’d ask for help from my parents and I think they would want to help me. I would rather ask my parents for help than a bank – they wouldn’t charge me interest and they would trust me to pay the money back.

Dan Broadley, 21, account assistantThere’s no way I am getting on the housing ladder any time soon. I don’t think my mum would help me financially so if I want to buy I’ll have to do it myself.