CurriculumVitae: Martin Gilsenan

\"I\'d find it hard to live without my collection of Clash CDs.\"

Name: Martin Gilsenan

Age: 41

Company: Money Partners Touch

Job title: Sales directorwhere do you live? Wimbledondescribe your current job:

I run our sales operation. As well as managing our team of sales professionals, I’m also involved in establishing our brand.

What were your first and last jobs?

My first role after graduating was in Citibank’s redemption department. It was so chaotic that the standard reply to the question “When am I going to get my redemption figure?” was “How long is a piece of string?” On a happier note, my most recent job was as a director of Residential 1, the mortgage and secured loans packager.

What have you done in between?

Most of my career has been spent in the world of specialist lending, starting in customer services and then moving across to sales.

How does your career to date compare with your aspirations when you were younger?

My number one priority was to change the world so the last thing I thought I’d end up with was a career in financial services.

What has been the defining point of your career and why?

Setting up Residential 1 in 2003 was a big step for myself, Danny Churchill and Craig Scott. When the business was acquired just four years later by Money Partners it was a massive vote of confidence.

And the most embarrassing?

Once, when giving an important presentation, little did I know a colleague had sabotaged my PowerPoint document and pasted a sizeable phallic symbol on a key slide.

What work ambition would you like to achieve by retirement?

To me, the most important thing is to know that I’ve made a difference wherever I’ve worked.

How many mortgage payments do you have left?

Too many.

What’s your Favourite holiday destination?

I thought long and hard about this, only to decide that it’s impossible to chose between Ireland and Italy.

What would you take to a desert island and why?

I’d find it hard to live without my collection of Clash CDs.

Who is your secret celebrity crush?

It’s difficult to choose between Scarlett Johansson and Pam St Clement.

What’s your mobile ringtone?

A normal one.

What’s the most expensive gadget you’ve ever bought?

It’s not the most expensive but my Sky+ is priceless as it allows me to analyse every detail of each episode of my favourite TV series, The Sopranos.

What’s the craziest hobby you’ve ever attempted?

Following my beloved Queens Park Rangers to so-called friendly matches away from home. In fact, a recent visit to Milwall’s infamous Den could be classed a particularly crazy experience.