AMPD opts for two platform providers

The Alliance of Mortgage Packagers and Distributors has revealed it is going to use two technology platforms.

AMPD originally advised that the 15 members would be considering the same technology platform, but decided it would be best to use two providers.

The group will use both Techlinx and Invent for its platform systems.

Eddie Smith, operations director for AMPD, says it became clear that one solution route was not going to be achievable – so it had to settle on two solutions.

Smith says: “The Alliance had originally aimed for one trading solution across the piece.

“We had no illusions that a one-fits-all solution would be easy to achieve.

“However, if we could bring it off then we knew it would make life easier for our premier lending partners and associated trading relationships especially in terms of full integration development and costs.

“Equally important in our decision making process was to ensure that the fifteen members did not face major disruption when replacing systems”