If you build it, they will come…


Kevin Costner mysteriously heard these words in the movie Field of Dreams, and it is a phrase that all of us in business should be mindful of.

Within our business we believe it is all about building foundations, particularly in the three key areas of knowledge, service, and relationships. Your own business I am sure is no different, and if you can get all of these aspects in place for customers, then your business should grow and prosper.

My sales and marketing director Mark Hutchings moved house recently and for the first time used a financial adviser for his mortgage.

He was telling me over coffee of his experiences and it really served to underline my view.  His adviser’s competence and depth of knowledge gave Mark the confidence to press on, certain in the fact that he could achieve his goals within the required budget and timescales.

The customer service experience was excellent – his adviser was accessible, understanding, helpful, efficient, and always keen to communicate.

Having already presented himself as an open and friendly ally from the outset, the adviser’s mix of technical prowess and empathetic service approach meant that a really strong relationship developed between the parties.

Having successfully built the foundations for his business, the adviser not only had a completed transaction, but also had a couple of referrals from Mark’s friends who were also looking at mortgage options. A further ripple effect then happened as one of those friends referred on someone else. 

No advertising, no marketing spend, no chasing his tail, just adherence to three simple foundations for achieving business via referral.

In our business we build partnerships through successful relationships, combining first class service with our knowledge of the general insurance market. I firmly believe that this is why so many intermediaries enjoy dealing with us.

So to build your Field of Dreams, look to your foundations.  Build those foundations well for your customers and “they will come”.