The Mortgage Mole

Would you Adam and Eve it – Mortgage Strategy has a new boss. Well, at least for a week. The John from John Charcol coughed up 9,000 for the privilege at the charity auction at this year’s Broomstick Ball for Cancer Research.

The event, organised by Bristol & West sales terrier Dierdre McManus, raised a whopping 159,000 for the cancer charity.

“I’m a little worried,” MS editor Robyn Hall confessed to Mole.

“Garfield is a legend and I’ll probably be permanently out of a job once he gets his mitts on my mag. But I just hope he does it himself and doesn’t appoint Ray Boulger to the post. I’m not sure I could handle a week of Ray in the office.”

STAFF TURNOVERAnother busy week for Mole and another new member of staff, well, at least for 48 hours, after Pink Home Loans PR manager Sarah Anderton joined the Strategy team as a reporter on Monday last week.

“I had a great time but I’m going to be sticking with PR for the time being,” Anderton told Mole. “Besides, I’m not sure my liver could take the battering the Strategy team has to endure.”

ANIMAL HOUSE Mole hears on the grapevine that Bradford & Bingley’s Duncan Pownall could shortly be getting hitched. That’s right, the Monkey has moved in with the Chimp and Mole’s been tipped the wink it can only mean one thing. Remember folks, you read it here first.

COMICMS has hit the big time. That’s right. We’re so good at what we do we’re featured on page 9 of the historic 150th issue of Viz along with Jimmy Carr, Scottish Widows’ Johnny Timpson and Commercial First boss Stephen Johnson.

The comic is regularly lampooned in a feature called Carr For Hire and D. Dillon from Edinburgh sent in a snap from this year’s Mortgage Strategy awards – Scottish Widows picking up best mortgage protection provider, sponsored by Commercial First. Go out and buy your collector’s edition copy now. In fact, buy two.But remember, keep it hidden from the kids. And your mum. And probably anyone under the age of 16 or over 75.