Optoma Playstation giveaway to 5,000th application

Optoma Broker Solutions expects to receive its 5,000th sub-prime approval in principal within the next week, and to mark the occasion is presenting the intermediary who submits the application with a Sony Playstation PSP hand-held games console, courtesy of Platform.

Once the intermediary completes a short form on the Optoma website, Optomas underwriters respond with three solutions, from the companys sub-prime panel of nine lenders, including Platform, SPML & Kensington.

Each solution will have been credit searched and underwritten, giving the intermediary the ability to confidently provide advice, based on accurate information.

Harpal Singh, operations director at Optoma, says: “The online AIP is time saving and easy to use, but the real value is in the fact that we do the credit check and we manually underwrite each application, looking across all of the clients details.

“We all know that clients needs vary and lenders offers will differ across a range of criteria. Generic solutions wont work; but individually tailored ones will.”