MPLC to temporarily pull product range from B&W

Mortgages PLC will temporarily pull its product range from Bristol & West on November 11 as the two lenders consider the development of an integrated system to solution to support future lending.

At the moment, Bristol &West refers non-conforming applications to Mortgages PLC, which has an underwriting team based in Bristol & Wests offices.

But recent developments made by both Mortgages PLC and Bristol & West to their own lending systems mean that the two organisations are now in a position to consider the development of an integrated systems solution which will support future lending arrangements.

Peter Beaumont, sales and marketing director at Mortgages PLC says: By adopting an integrated approach, we can provide Bristol & West with more sophisticated products, speed up processing times and drive down costs.

Both companies have agreed this is the best way forward and we have both instigated projects looking at precisely what this means for each company.

Mark Howell, head of marketing at Bristol & West, adds: Weve enjoyed a productive working relationship with Mortgages PLC but recognise that third party arrangements such as this are best addressed in future via the effective utilisation of technology.