LIME clinches secured lending deal with Norton Finance

Lifetime Insurance Mortgage Experts has clinched a secured loan offering in partnership with Norton Finance.

Secured lending has grown month on month throughout 2005, to an all time high of 8.9bn in August 2005, and the number of people choosing a secured loan as opposed to a further advance or remortgage has also increased steadily.

LIME say that many clients are tied into their current mortgage and as redemption penalties continue to increase, secured loans offer a realistic alternative.

LIME members and clients can receive one to one coaching and training on secured loans and will have access to a broker services team that includes support and updates on every case at every stage, a same day decision in principle and documents issued within 48 hours.

Brokers can also utilise the direct sales department who can conduct outbound calling campaigns and mailshot campaigns on their behalf, fully white labelled and free of charge with no cross-selling guaranteed, to ensure they can take full advantage of this proposition.

Amanda Waddington, general manager of LIME, says: “Secured lending is becoming a viable alternative to raising capital. I am delighted to be joining forces with one of the largest and most experienced companies within the secured lending sector, Norton Finance, to provide an excellent support structure and enhanced terms for Tenet members and clients.”