It’s time for the FSA to look into lenders’ service levels

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I’d like to tell readers about the poor service I recently received from Northern Rock (all within 24 hours).

A Together DIP was carried out for my clients and sent for referral for increased income multiples.

I received a call confirming the loan had been agreed and that my clients could borrow more than they initially wanted, which was fantastic as they wanted to hold some of their own funds back for home improvements.

I then called Northern Rock to request the KFI for the case and was told that the case hadn’t been agreed and would need to be referred.

I called again later in the day and was told again that the full loan had been agreed, so I requested a KFI with the clients sat in front of me.

As the clock ticked to 5pm the phone line went dead, mid-KFI.

The next day (still within 24 hours) I again called Northern Rock and found that, amazingly enough, the loan hadn’t been agreed but the person I spoke with could override the system and produce a KFI for me. This was done at last.

Thankfully the case isn’t urgent as yet but this is yet another example of lenders providing poor service while expecting business from brokers.

Being told on two occasions that a loan has been agreed only to be told in subsequent phone calls that it hasn’t is time consuming, frustrating and worrying.

It’s time for the FSA to examine lenders’ service levels.