HomeLoan Partnership offers incentive to woo brokers

HomeLoan Partnership has announced that it is celebrating the anniversary of mortgage regulation with a recruitment offer. Appointed representatives joining the network will pay 0% in network charges on all sub-prime business completed in the first six months of their membership.

Martin Cave, managing director at HomeLoan, says: We hear from lots of mortgage brokers who are thinking of changing their network or their regulatory status, but they keep putting off the decision to move in case they find themselves no better off. By waiving our network charges for sub-prime business for six months after joining, we are offering a real incentive to brokers to benefit financially from a move to HomeLoan, and of course the more business they do in the six months the better off they will be.

HomeLoan was established in 2001 as a network dedicated to mortgage brokers. After a successful first year under Financial Services Authority regulation, the networks commitment to admit membership only to brokers choosing appointed representative status continues unchanged

Cave adds: We set out to deliver a suite of products and services matched precisely to the needs of intermediaries who choose the appointed representative option and we have not changed our plans as many others have. We do not offer our services to directly authorised intermediaries so members can be sure that the focus will be 100% on their particular needs and delivered through dedicated, non-competing distribution.

For their sub-prime business network members are provided with the packaging services and the full range of exclusive and branded sub-prime products offered by Solent Mortgage Services, The FinanceCentre and m2-d&p. This is what makes our anniversary offer such an attractive proposition for specialist mortgage brokers.”