em-secured sees record number of completions

October has seen a record number of completions for em-secured the sub-division of em-group that provides brokers with further opportunity to generate business.

Secured loans offer alternative solutions to clients looking for finance and can be the ideal route for those who, for whatever reason, cannot proceed with a remortgage on their properties to obtain funds.

Simon Mouncher, operations director at em, says: em-secured loans must be looked at as a real substitute to remortages. A secured loan takes the form of a second charge on the property and offers a fast efficient way for clients to obtain funds and for brokers to retain business that would normally disappear upon decline of a remortgage.

An em-secured loan does not always require a survey or references and brokers who use the services of em-secured have access to excellent commissions as well as fantastic rates that will help them attract and maintain substantial business volumes.