Correcting inaccuracies when it comes to facts about leads

From Kevin Thornton

I don’t want to start a slanging match with Nat Daniels via Mortgage Strategy but having read his letter (Mortgage Strategy October 24), I must correct some inaccuracies.

The lead offered for sale to me was a staff nurse. A salary scale of 18,818- 22,725 is quoted by the website provided by Daniels for an experienced staff nurse – a far cry from the 37,331- 51,344 he quoted. That salary scale is reserved for the highest paid in the nursing profession. I suppose he would quote the salary of a major should an army corporal fill in one of his forms.

Daniels also states that his figure does not include London weighting, which is good because the staff nurse was in Manchester. Maybe she commutes.

I agree we should not believe all we read in print. That’s my point.