C&G branch staff give good service and know their stuff

From Warwick Tidy

In a mortgage market in which the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum, might I thank the staff at the Okehampton branch of Cheltenham & Gloucester for the following:

  • Live answering of the phone before three rings and no looney tunes.
  • All members of staff knowing exactly what they are talking about (rare these days).
  • If the person you wish to speak to is to call you back, they do call you back.
  • Not being forced to use an online service. I’m no Luddite but I do like freedom of choice.
  • Simple mortgage application form (i.e. non-use of rocket science).
  • Competitive products.
  • Rapid mortgage offers.
  • Sense of humour (also rare these days).
  • Not emailing half the universe before a decision can be made.
  • Good old fashioned common sense (other lenders please take note).
  • Not having a degree in either media studies, zoology or marine biology.

Once again to all staff at Okehampton, thank you very much. It really is refreshing.