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Brits not spooked by ghosts

Research from Portman on haunted properties reveals Brits don’t give a hoot when it comes to things that go bump in the night.

While people used to go to great lengths to ward off evil spirits, hanging up horseshoes and charms or employing shamans and priests to exorcise demons, Portman says 43% of people now say they would not be put off purchasing a property if it was rumoured to be haunted.

One in three people claim to have lived in a house that was either haunted or rumoured to be haunted.

And it appears most Brits are now resistant to things that have traditionally been considered spine chilling. Some 74% would not be put off purchasing a property if the previous owner had died there, though they would want the asking price to be lowered. Meanwhile 82% would purchase a property that was number 13 in the road and 37% would even buy a house if it had a sinister history such as a multiple homicide or a graveyard beneath its foundations.

Most tellingly, if things did start to go bump in the night, only 30% of people say they would move out of the property. Should this spookiest of things happen, 45% of people say they would stay put and 24% say they would stick around but hire an exorcist to chase off the source of the dastardly disturbances.

Lynsey Hallam, group press officer at Portman, says: “It would appear British home owners are ghost proof. They are not fazed by the thought – or reality – of spooky goings-on in their homes, and with a significant third of people saying they have lived in a haunted property or one that is rumoured to be haunted, it would seem the demand for property remains pretty much the same whether or not it has a spooky reputation.”


Online credit reports updated

Callcredit has responded to feedback from its customers by launching updated versions of its two online credit reference reports, CallReport and SHAREReport. The updated reports are claimed to be more intuitive and user friendly.

C&G branch staff give good service and know their stuff

From Warwick Tidy In a mortgage market in which the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum, might I thank the staff at the Okehampton branch of Cheltenham & Gloucester for the following: Live answering of the phone before three rings and no looney tunes. All members of staff knowing exactly what they are talking […]

LloydsTSB warns of Halloween insurance claims

As millions prepare for tonight’s Halloween parties, Lloyds TSB Insurance is warning homeowners to brace themselves for a spate of trick or treating disasters.The insurer says claims for malicious damage could triple following Halloween this year. After October 31 last year, insurance claims shot up by almost 150%.Some of the quirkier claims made following last […]

Predictions of swing from DA to AR dismissed

Predictions of a swing to appointed representative status has been dismissed by Expo attendees.When asked whether they expect to see more advisers move from directly authorised to appointed representative status, over 58% of registered Mortgage Business Expo London attendees say no.Of 3,250 registered Expo attendees polled, 41.6% say they expect to see a swing from […]


Under the radar – Fit for Work and sickness absence

Earlier this month we sat in on a presentation delivered by the Fit for Work service, and this session did highlight one small but important change to the offering that we must admit had slipped under our radar. The Sickness Absence Review published in 2010 suggested that the Independent Assessment Service (now branded Fit for Work) should have three access points; referral by […]


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