Booming Hamptons has big plans for 2006

Hamptons International Mortgages enjoyed a record quarter for new business with over 800 deals brokered in the past three months and says it will be a force to be reckoned with in 2006.

Kevin Duffy, managing director of Hamptons International Mortgages, says: “We have brokered over 800 mortgages in the past quarter and will shortly be announcing some exciting appointed representative and introducer propositions worth some 200m of fresh loans, starting in December this year.”

And he adds: “The business is bursting at the seams. The only thing expanding faster than our bottom line right now is probably my wasteline.”

Hamptons International Mortgages hosts its annual awards next month and lenders across the country are awaiting the results with eager anticipation.

Duffy says: “There are few financial services sectors in the world that are as competitive as the UK mortgage market. Knowing which lenders offer the best products and services is essential for intermediaries as if we make the promises, the lenders need to deliver. Lenders that let intermediaries down don’t normally get a second chance.

“As in every industry there are some companies that consistently excel and these awards are designed to recognise their achievements.”

A significant number of lenders were considered for the Hamptons International Mortgages awards and just a handful have been short-listed in each category.

Duffy adds: “We designed a criteria comparison process which allowed us to compare lenders’ strengths and weaknesses in the categories in which they were short-listed, eventually coming up with at least one winner in each category. Our results are derived through teamwork, so careful consideration went into seeking the views of different departments, especially sales and administration, as each interacts differently with lenders and surveyors.”