The mortgage mole

Lost for words It seems that barely a day goes by on Mortgage Strategy Online without a broker slinging an insult or two in the direction of the Financial Services Authority.

With challenges from brokers last week including “Pants down, come and give me some more, FSA. I can take it. Go on, you know you want to” Mole was starting to feel sorry for the regulator.

But after being on the receiving end of some of the FSA’s knowledge of the industry the sympathy flagged a little.

When online editor Natalie Martin telephoned to ask about the implications of the regulatory fee increase for directly authorised brokers and appointed representatives she had to explain what she meant by ’DA’ and ’AR’ to a confused FSA employee.

Maybe Martin should take a different approach next time and quiz the regulator about luxury hotels and fine art – two subjects it seems to know a lot about.

Tube train Mole was excited to learn last week that TrigoldCrystal has uploaded its training videos onto YouTube.

At first Mole wondered if the sourcing system provider had carried on the YouTube tradition and created a kooky and original video to post online.

Could TrigoldCrystal’s business development director David Aylmer finally be showing off his break dancing skills while rapping about the Prospector system?

Sadly not. The company has opted for the informative approach and steered clear of stunts. Oh well, maybe next time.