Poorly thought out packs bite the dust


It’s good to feel that some sanity has at last been restored by the new government.

Home Information Packs will be scrapped – and about time too. Full of promises of speeding up and simplifying the buying and selling process, they always made us sceptical. And sure enough it’s all been a waste of time and money.

We have always advocated speed and simplicity, but far from speeding things up HIPs have served only to strangle the process even further and discourage sellers from moving.

While the cost for searches and confirmation of title will now fall back onto the shoulders of buyers, in reality these costs have never gone away. Most purchasers’ solicitors still insisted on carrying out their own searches regardless of what the HIP contained.

The suspension is great news for sellers too who no longer have to fork out hundreds of pounds on this pointless regulation that benefited no one.

The only losers I can see are those whose livelihoods depend on HIPs. According to the Association of Home Information Pack Providers, this amounts to between 3,000 and 10,000 people.

It seems the only things HIPs succeeded in were generating more for the HM Revenue & Customs coffers and the illusion of new jobs.

The concept might have been admirable but as with so much of what Labour created over the past 13 years, it proved to be just another poorly thought out and executed policy that’s turned to dust.