No need for drama to become tragedy


There’s a huge gaping hole left in the television schedules. Lost, the fantasy series that has been enthralling and confusing fans for the last six years, has finally come to an end.

The series was renowned for its high drama, the cliffhanger storylines and the mysteries that were never solved.

With outrageous storylines that saw characters grapple with exotic creatures, be struck by a curse and experience time travel, Lost transported viewers into a world of action and fantasy.

The scriptwriters must have delved into the depths of their imagination to devise such outlandish capers.

In real life people’s daily lives are fortunately a little less complicated. That’s not to say that they pass without drama. You only need to pick up the newspaper to read about catastrophes that can turn a person’s life upside down.

In fact, the more reports there are of doom and gloom, the more aware individuals ought to be of the need to protect themselves against uncertainty. The reality is that most people aren’t prepared and will take the view that it won’t happen to them.

For your clients, finding themselves unable to work could be a cliffhanger to an uncertain outcome. How would they manage their finances? Bills, school fees and the mortgage would still need to be paid for.

But with a little forward thinking and some good advice on your part, protection could make the outcome of such a cliffhanger a certainty.