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It’s clients who pay when brokers avoid dual pricing lenders

With regard to comments by many brokers that they avoid lenders that dual price, how do they manage to do any business?

This rules out Santander, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Halifax. You also can’t use Co-operative Bank, First Direct, HSBC and Britannia because they don’t deal with brokers.

So how are they placing business? Clients are probably paying higher rates because they are ignoring dual pricers. Anyway, I think Nationwide is one of the lesser culprits in this argument.




Two-faced beast in a spin but at least horrible HIPs bite the dust

When Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat boss Nick Clegg first floated the possibility of a coalition government I thought it might take the form of a blue and yellow chameleon that turned green when threatened. Then in the famous scene in the rose garden of 10 Downing Street when the two men cemented […]


Politics by numbers

Under Labour we had nine housing ministers in 13 years and look what happened to housing –despite an ambitious target of three million new homes by 2020, construction slumped and home-ownership fell by around 3%.

Five-year fixed rate deals up tenfold in three years

Five-year fixed rate mortgage deals have increased tenfold since April 2007, according to Moneysupermarket. com. Three years ago there were just 39 five-year fixed rate deals compared with the 411 currently available.


No need for drama to become tragedy

There’s a huge gaping hole left in the television schedules. Lost, the fantasy series that has been enthralling and confusing fans for the last six years, has finally come to an end. The series was renowned for its high drama, the cliffhanger storylines and the mysteries that were never solved. With outrageous storylines that saw […]


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