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HIP inspectors and home sellers have been treated badly

My partner has almost completed the Home Information Pack course and now it seems it’s all been a waste of time and money.

The government cannot expect people to pay for training to work with the packs, then suspend the whole idea and not offer any sort of compensation. Next time a government wants to introduce a new initiative nobody will train to implement it because of what has happened with HIPs.

The only winners from this debacle have been trainers and the government. Home inspectors and sellers have been ripped off.



Calling any lawyers who can get justice for home inspectors

I am a qualified home inspector who paid a lot of money to train – money I had to borrow. I feel conned but am also sick of reading negative blogs by people who have no sympathy for those who retrained to become home inspectors. These writers have no idea of the extensive training involved […]

Jeff Knight

A focus on teamwork will pay off

The team is an important aspect of marketing that is often overlooked, while getting teams to work well together will also bring benefits for firms, says Jeff Knight, managing director of Tonic Marketing Solutions


New entrants chase away Monday blues

Last week that awful Monday morning feeling passed me by. The sunshine had something to do with it but there were other reasons to be cheerful, namely news that two new mortgage lenders – Aldermore and Precise Mortgages – had entered the market. As someone from the Council of Mortgage Lenders recently admitted, only about […]

Little Britain

Making a big noise with Little Britain

Visiting a Nationwide Building Society branch should be more fun than it used to be if the new series of advertisements that embrace television comedy stars of Little Britain and the first commercial work involving comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams are anything to go by. But that is surmise rather than a guarantee. […]


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  • Simon Evans 1st June 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Anyone who recently went on a course to learn about HIPs is sadly lacking in common sense, or has been ill advised. Tory policy for years has been to abolish them, and all the professionals closely involved (estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, surveyors) have been less than enthusiastic since they were introduced. for most sales they are a waste of time and money. Under the Labour Government Home Condition Reports were abandoned without any compensation to those who had spent time and money training to be Home Inspectors. so the Coalition Government had a good precedent to follow in simply abandoning HIPs. If, as the HIPs providers claim, they are a really good idea, why is no-one asking for them to be retained. The silence from the professions has been deafening.