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Broker credit blips are irrelevant to the way they do the job

AMI’s warning that minor credit blips could lead to brokers not gaining approval signals one more way the intermediary market is being diminished.

Having just been through the worst recession in my lifetime I have to ask – why should brokers be treated differently from any other industry with regard to their personal finances?

Would we stop a dentist from treating patients because he doesn’t brush his teeth twice a day? Or to bring it back to the case in hand, why should brokers be financially better off in these difficult times than anyone else, especially if they are self-employed?

And how is this ill-considered proposal going to affect those poor network members who have had their commissions withheld by failing firms and as a result have struggled to meet their financial commitments through no fault of their own?




HIPs’ removal will free up market activity

In an overdue flash of common sense the new government has announced the abolition of Home Information Packs with immediate effect, pending formal legislation to abolish the packs permanently. The government’s fear is that the requirement for sellers to have a HIP is stifling growth in a fragile housing market and adds nothing to the […]


Calling any lawyers who can get justice for home inspectors

I am a qualified home inspector who paid a lot of money to train – money I had to borrow. I feel conned but am also sick of reading negative blogs by people who have no sympathy for those who retrained to become home inspectors. These writers have no idea of the extensive training involved […]

Lenders warned on insider scams

Fraud committed by firms’ own staff has risen to 60% in the US, and industry experts are warning the situation is just as bad in the UK.The US findings were put to-gether by the Texas-based Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Here, Angus Stewart, chief executive of fraud management specialist e-Solutions, says fraud committed by UK […]



Precise Mortgages and Aldermore entering the market was welcome news while recruitment moves at Portillion and Platform also seem to indicate better times ahead in the specialist sector

A question of service

Roy Armitage, head of credit, LendInvest Selling a loan is the part of a lender’s workload most visible to brokers and borrowers. Just as crucial – but less frequently observed – is how that lender services that loan. A commitment to quality servicing is one that’s front and centre for us at LendInvest and it’s […]


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