Advisers can score with summer leads


The World Cup is just around the corner and for fans the prospect of constant football for the next month is mouth-watering.

Unfortunately, it will also compound the summer slowdown for businesses as consumers’ attention turns to football.

The effects are often acutely felt in the financial services sector. Lead suppliers have to compete with hundreds of brands trying to occupy the same advertising space to align their brand with the World Cup.

This means it becomes more expensive to generate leads. For products in limited supply such as remortgage and life insurance leads, this affects lead prices.

If the summer ends up being a hot one, this effect could be more severe. But anecdotal evidence indicates that lead quality is higher in the summer compared with other times of the year.

For example, the first quarter is traditionally strong for online activity. But in terms of lead generation, at this time of year thousands of consumers fill in forms just to research their options rather than being ready to make a purchasing decision.

As overall online activity is lower in the summer months, consumers who become leads are more likely to convert to business.

For many advisers, online lead generation acts as the marketing equivalent of a credit card – enabling them to smooth the flow of new business across the year. And in the coming weeks hundreds of advisers will be activating their lead orders to keep the phones ringing over the summer months.