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We’re never too experienced to learn

I’ve been inducted into a new network and the training I have received will hold me in good stead during the difficult times ahead for the mortgage industry, says Sue Read

I’ve been on a training course recently, an induction for new appointed representatives of Pink Home Loans. This is the second network I’ve worked for and I’m impressed.

As some of you may recall, until a year ago I was a die-hard directly authorised broker, until I was initiated into the world of ARs by Home of Choice.

It took me a while to get into the swing of things but I came around. Now I’m a total convert.

Many people have asked me when I’m going to go it alone, but that’s not my style. I like the buzz of a busy office and can’t imagine setting myself up as a one-woman band.

But there are many sole brokers in the industry, so being part of a network must be a godsend for them.

I’m lucky to be part of a team as there’s always someone around to discuss difficult cases with or to share the latest triumphs and disasters.

The training I’ve been given so far and the resources available to me are first rate. For example, the network’s website features suitability letters, marketing ideas and even lenders’ underwriting criteria.

The face-to-face training was worthwhile as it took me back to basics, reminding me of the bad habits I’d developed when fact-finding. No-one is too experienced or long in the tooth to learn from such sessions.

It’s a bit like driving. The over-70s should be compelled to take a driving test every alternate year and brokers should brush up their skills too.

We all religiously complete continuing professional development logs but how many of us from small firms would put ourselves through roleplays or similar exercises every year?

Some ARs believe attending network conferences and seminars may not be the best use of their time but this is nonsense.

I’m not suggesting you spend your entire life swanning about at such meetings, but if you learn one fact at every event it’s time well spent.

It could earn you a lot of money too. I prefer to regard such events as valuable investments and with the mortgage market as it is right now, I’m sure these investments will prove to be good ones.


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