UNIFi launches unsecured lending portal to field declines

UNIFi Partners, the network for secured loan broker firms, is launching an unsecured lending portal which can be used to field declines that affinity partners such as building societies want to place.

Patrick Bamford, managing di-rector of UNIFi, said that by using the unsecured portal, lenders that have previously declined customers unsecured loans can now place them.

Bamford said that UNIFi is currently looking to partner societies with customers they are currently turning away.

The UNIFi portal offers these firms the chance to place customers and set their own rules re-garding the capping of rates and the ring-fencing of applicants.

So far, five unsecured providers, in-cluding Halifax, have joined the lender panel associated with the UNIFi scheme.