Running sore

Disaster also struck eConveyancer\'s plucky Vanessa Blount last week.

With two weeks to go until the London Marathon, she set out on a 22-mile run. But 10 miles into a mainly downhill route she felt a sharp pain in her left knee. Eight painful miles later, she had to cut her run short, limping home to put ice on her knee and dose herself with ibuprofen.

“The osteopath asked me what I expected, running the miles I do in the hills around me, but with just two weeks to go this was not a great time to get injured,” an upset Blount told Mole. “The big question now is – will my knee recover in time?”

Due to her injury, Blount’s weight loss was nil during the week. Meanwhile, Mortgage Strategy put on a beefy five stone as a result of egg-cessive eating over Easter.