Mark Blackwell to leave A&L

Mark Blackwell, director of intermediary sales at Alliance & Leicester, has been made redundant after just a few months in his role.

A spokeswoman for A&L says because it is focusing more on higher asset quality lending rather then volume, it unfortunately had to make Blackwell’s role redundant.

A&L says it will not be making anymore redundancies at the moment and Blackwell’s departure was the result of a review of the intermediary sales division senior management structure.

Blackwell, who previously worked as head of corporate and specialist intermediary sales at Cheltenham & Gloucester joined A&L as a replacement for Mehrdad Yousefi, who left the lender to join Merrill Lynch’s brand Wave.

Blackwell also left his role at C&G after less than a year after being poached by A&L.

He previously worked at the Derbyshire where he was marketing director and was responsible for helping build and launch Salt, its specialist arm.