GMAC-RFC postpones hiring sales staff

GMAC-RFC has no plans to re-place three key sales executives who have quit the firm in the past six weeks.

Mortgage Strategy can exclusively reveal that Andy Stallard, who had responsibility for Scotland and the North-West, and Lisa Faragher, who also covered the North-West in addition to Liverpool, are understood to be joining Nationwide.

And London-based Sarah McCauley is understood to have left to join Abbey.

Godfrey Blight, managing director of sales and marketing at GMAC-RFC, says: “We have a terrific sales team with personnel who are always in de-mand across the market. If they choose to pursue careers in other companies, I wish them luck.

“We will be covering the vacated roles with existing resources for the time being but if and when the market gets moving again, we will recruit to fill them.”

Blight says the sales team totals 60 staff across three channels, focussing on corporates, packagers and brokers.

On the question of whether GMAC-RFC is planning any redundancies, Blight says: “If we were, we would not answer that question regardless of market conditions.

“The first people we would tell would be our staff.”

The lender ann-ounced the loss of more than 200 jobs last October.