Easier2move calls for consumer push by HIPs stakeholders

Easier2move is calling for Home Information Packs stakeholders to work together to ensure HIPs deliver the intended benefits.

The firm says new HIPs legislation fails to communicate the real value of the packs to consumers.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director at Easier2move, says: “From April 6, the majority of newly built homes will need a HIP and energy performance certificates will be required for construction on all dwellings. This is great news for the market but especially for new build developers who will be able to encourage buyers by showing just how energy efficient their properties really are!

“However, the Government failed to communicate the real benefits of these packs to all interested parties over the launch period and we are concerned that they have still not improved their communication strategy. These moves are not as simple as they may seem so organisations that may be affected need to read the legislation carefully or risk being fined for non-compliance.

“Anyone who is unsure of how to navigate their way through this surprisingly complex process should speak directly to a designated HIP provider as they have the right level of experience and expertise in this arena. In addition, they will also be able to provide training to ensure that key people within the company understand this new legislation.

“We hope that the Government, HIP providers and organisations who have not dealt with this legislation previously can work together to ensure that the packs offer the benefits they are intended to.”