Darlington’s marathon man to drive sport in the North East

We were delighted to learn that Peter run-a-marathon-at-lunchtime Rowley (well almost), chief executive of the Darlington Building Society, has been appointed as the new chairman of Sport England North East (SENE). The people up there can expect a lively time during his three-year spell in office.

In SENE newspeak: “Sport England North East is charged with sustaining and increasing participation in community sport by working closely with other regional agencies and in partnerships to ensure that communities are provided with the best sporting opportunities possible.”

That sounds dreadfully dull but with Rowley running the show (between running the society and lunch-time mara-thons), the North East can expect a ren- aissance in community sport.

Rowley said: “I believe passionately in community sport’s power to transform lives and the dramatic contribution sport makes in effecting positive social change.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated, effective and well respected team in making sport excellent for everyone who wants to take part at the threshold of an incredible era for sport in this country.”

Last year Darlington backed 144 worthy causes. This includes long-standing commitments to and backing of grassroots sports at local and regional levels.