We’re still committed to HIPs, says MDA Advantage

MDA Advantage, the Home Information Pack manufacturer, says that despite the recent U-turn by the government, its management team and parent company remain fully committed to the development and provision of a HIP service.

It believes that the changes will have little impact on its service, and many of the packs produced to date by MDA Advantage are already in line with the new guidelines.

MDA Advantage believes that HIPs will still form a valuable part of the buying and selling process and will continue to deliver many benefits to home buyers and sellers.

Providing both parties’ solicitors with valuable legal information earlier in the buying process enables issues to be uncovered before an offer is made, potentially speeding up sales and reducing the risk of sales falling through.

Martin Willard, managing director at MDA Advantage, says: “These recent changes make it even more vital that companies work with an experienced pack provider with a solid background and reputation.

And it now makes more sense than ever to partner with a company like MDA which manages the system development and absorbs any risk on your behalf.

MDA has a background not only in powering property information, but specifically dealing with much of the information contained in the packs, for example searches and legal reports.

MDA Advantage is the only pack provider to be integrated with both NLIS and xit2, and MDA has its own personal search capability. All together we provide our partners with a significant advantage.

We know that many of our partners will see the benefit of including an HCR in their packs.

Our system already make it possible to include an HCR in addition to an Energy Performance Certificate, and we will help and support partners who are interested in doing so.”