Northern Rock launches new range

Northern Rock has reduced the rates on its together range by which combines a secured home loan with an unsecured personal loan, by 0.20%.

It has also had a rate reduction of 0.30% in the buy-to-let two-year flexible fixed rate mortgage with a 1.5% product fee. This is now available at 4.99%.

While the buy-to-let three-year flexible fixed rate with 1.5% product fee has been withdrawn.

In the 1 year flexible fixed rate range, Northern Rock has held rates in the 95% LTV tier. Rates in the 85% and 90% LTV tiers have been increased by 0.10%. This means that rates fixed for 18 months are now available from 4.59%.

End dates, where applicable, have been extended to September 1 except for the 1 Year Flexible Fixed product end date, which remains at March 1 2008.

Borrowers who prefer a longer-term fixed rate product can fix their monthly payments for periods of 5, 7, 10 or 15 years at rates starting from 5.19%. This offers the option of fixing payments until September 1 2021.

Northern Rock says it still continues to offer the lowest two-year flexible fixed rate without an extended tie-in available in the market at only 4.39%. This mortgage, with a maximum LTV of 85%, has a Product Fee of 1.5% of the loan amount and is subject to a minimum loan of 100,000.

Northern Rocks Help With Costs option will now be 700. It is available on all mortgage products (except Lifetime mortgages).

Income multiples for joint applicants with a high credit score have been increased by 0.5 to equal the multiples available for single applicants with a high credit score. This change applies to both the together and standard income multiple matrices.