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Northern Rock launches new range

Northern Rock has reduced the rates on its together range by which combines a secured home loan with an unsecured personal loan, by 0.20%.

It has also had a rate reduction of 0.30% in the buy-to-let two-year flexible fixed rate mortgage with a 1.5% product fee. This is now available at 4.99%.

While the buy-to-let three-year flexible fixed rate with 1.5% product fee has been withdrawn.

In the 1 year flexible fixed rate range, Northern Rock has held rates in the 95% LTV tier. Rates in the 85% and 90% LTV tiers have been increased by 0.10%. This means that rates fixed for 18 months are now available from 4.59%.

End dates, where applicable, have been extended to September 1 except for the 1 Year Flexible Fixed product end date, which remains at March 1 2008.

Borrowers who prefer a longer-term fixed rate product can fix their monthly payments for periods of 5, 7, 10 or 15 years at rates starting from 5.19%. This offers the option of fixing payments until September 1 2021.

Northern Rock says it still continues to offer the lowest two-year flexible fixed rate without an extended tie-in available in the market at only 4.39%. This mortgage, with a maximum LTV of 85%, has a Product Fee of 1.5% of the loan amount and is subject to a minimum loan of 100,000.

Northern Rocks Help With Costs option will now be 700. It is available on all mortgage products (except Lifetime mortgages).

Income multiples for joint applicants with a high credit score have been increased by 0.5 to equal the multiples available for single applicants with a high credit score. This change applies to both the together and standard income multiple matrices.


Generous deals are a sign of the times

The news that lenders are offering increasingly innovative and generous products has been broadly welcomed by the industry. Pundits who applaud the trend say income multiples are an archaic way of testing whether somebody can repay a loan. And they suggest those who condemn lenders for stretching income multiples should step into the 21st century. […]

Wine mortgage leaves a sour taste

Just when you think the market is getting lacklustre along comes a mortgage product based on the value of plonk.
Wait a minute. The value of plonk? To back a mortgage? To keep the roof over your head? Has the world gone mad?

Marketing Brief

Mortgage much to look at and not a lot more by way of content but this website gets its message across. Mortgage Trust specialises in the unregulated buy-to-let arena and offers nothing outside of this. This is quite clever as it does not get dragged into the regulated environment so avoids the need to […]

AToM becomes wholesale provider

Following a strategic review and discussions with lenders, All Types of Mortgages is to move from the term packaging in favour of a new industry classification -wholesale mortgage design and distribution.The new classification, which AToM expects a number of other major packagers to adopt, reflects the changing structure of the mortgage market and commences a […]

Auto-enrolment: tips for employers

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has released advice on communications for employers, including three tips to help you with your auto-enrolment duties. 1. Allow enough time to select your pension schemeIt’s recommended that you start to prepare for auto-enrolment at least 12 months in advance of your staging date; additionally, give yourself time to choose the […]


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