Homeowners less security conscious during warm weather

This years scorching summer temperatures are making life easier for the UK’s burglars, warns a new study by Tesco Home Insurance.

The study reveals that four out of five homeowners, 80% are being far less security conscious during the warm weather, despite a massive 50% of people knowing the risks they are taking.

Tesco says attempts to cool down appear to be taking precedence over deterring the opportunistic burglar.

Allan Burns, head of Tesco Home Insurance, says: “It’s understandable that people want to keep their homes as cool as possible during this heatwave.

However, it’s important to remember that burglars aren’t any less opportunistic during the summer months than at any other time of the year.”

Nearly one third (30%) of those who took part in the poll admit to having an upstairs window permanently open, with a fifth (20%) owning up to leaving patio doors unlocked all day.

2% of people confess to the ultimate open invitation to an opportunistic thief, leaving the front door wide open all night.

Tesco says perhaps it is not surprising that one in ten (10%) people who took part in the poll admitted that they had been burgled during the summer months last year.

Burns adds: “Our research seems to be revealing a burglar’s wish list of properties to steal from.

Perhaps people think that because they are actually in the house, thieves won’t strike.

Regardless of whether people are at home or not, they should take all the sensible precautions to make their property safe.”

“Every home insurer expects people to take every reasonable and sensible precaution to protect their property, which is why they all could reject claims if doors and windows have been left open.

We would encourage all consumers to take the necessary steps as we don’t want the traumatic experience of a burglary also becoming a financially painful one.”