Equity Advice launches national centre of excellence

Equity Advice has launched a centre of excellence for advisers wanting to trade in this market.

There will be two major seminar presentations for advisers to come along and see the details incorporated in this proposition on September 8 and September 11 in Birmingham and Manchester.

Stuart Wilson, managing director, says: Following confirmation by the Financial Services Authority that good companies are getting it right, but the mistakes are being made by those who occasionally dabble we are delighted to launch this fantastic opportunity for those wanting to really focus in this market and get it right. I am sure others will follow our lead.

We have spend the last year building a robust and in depth opportunity that will attract both those who are currently active in the market, but more importantly those who are wanting to come in and participate.

I truly believe that all advisers want is to feel part of something exciting that will provide the support and backup that will allow them to deliver a high quality, leading edge service to their customers. This is what we have delivered.

Advisers will be initially put through an Induction course that will determine their current skill level, and benchmark them against the standards of Equity Release Advisory Service, they will then receive a personal development programme that will lay out future direction and training needs.

Wilson adds: The support and training is the cornerstone to this, advisers will be supported through an individual business growth strategy on an ongoing basis.

“This market needs a quality mark and we intend to set it as high as we can, and continue to move forward.

The new Academy proposition will be fully Independent as it was felt that at this time full Independence would reflect the demands of delivering quality and choice to the clients.

Following the launch seminars, potential advisers will be visited on a personal basis to discuss the own unique development needs.

Equity Advice is a limited liability partnership set up by Stuart Wilson. The partnership aims to attract 200 advisers in its first year and Equity Release Advisory Service will become part of the Equity Advice brand.