Brokers taking advantage of EDGE

Enterprise Group has reported an increase in broker’s using its EDGE system, since the launch of its Q4 incentive scheme.

The scheme allows any application that is sourced using EDGE to attract a free admin fee, which includes valuation and any re-types, for all schemes and all lenders.

EDGE is an on-line, sub-prime sourcing system which was launched in June this year. It provides instant, ranked solutions and a checklist of lender requirements for any client circumstance and priority.

Enterprise report that there are 2000 registered users of EDGE, with over 100 enquiries going through the system each day.

Michael Clapper, chief executive at Enterprise, says: “Our unique EDGE system has taken years to bring to market, but now its here it can help brokers trade, easily and safely in sub-prime.

“It currently allows brokers to obtain instant, accurate solutions and checklists any time of day or night, without the need to contact a packaging desk. It also provides an audit trail to prove sufficient research was carried out prior to recommendation.

“The free admin fee campaign has been a huge success and we have seen a big jump in EDGE registrations with business volumes up over 50% on last month.”