AHIPP reassures industry over Energy Performance Certificates

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers is reassuring the industry there will be enough energy assessors to carry out Energy Performance Certificates on houses by June 2007.

The government has estimated that there will need to be 4,000 trained energy assessors by June next year. In addition to the existing home inspector qualification, which includes modules dedicated to the EPC, the government has announced a stand alone qualification that will enable those with relevant backgrounds across the industry to complete the necessary, additional training to qualify as energy assessors. This qualification is expected to be available from early 2007.

Mike Ockenden, director general of AHIPP, says: “With continued media coverage and political debate surrounding current carbon emissions in the UK, consumers are increasingly aware of the need to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes.

“The EPC, an EU directive which will form a vital element of the HIP is predicted to greatly reduce levels of emissions; making consumers aware of the energy rating of their home on purchase. With practical tips and guidelines to making not just large, costly alterations but also a number of small change, the EPC will have a huge impact on the environment.”

He adds: “Suggestions that there will not be enough energy assessors are undermining the value of the EPC. It is a concern that has been taken very seriously and has been reviewed by both the government and AHIPP. Following consultation with a number of our members, we are confident that there will be an adequate supply of Domestic Energy Assessors ready to produce the certificates, ahead of June 2007.

“The qualification that is likely to be pitched at VRQ3 level, the equivalent of an NVQ3, and will draw new people into the residential property industry, many of whom have a grounding in energy matters and feel passionately about the issue.”

Peter Hales, chairman of Si Reports and Elmhurst Energy, says: “The development of EPC is well advanced with software, systems and trained individuals throughout the UK.

“There is no doubt that there are many thousands of individuals with the necessary background to become newly qualified domestic energy assessors, there are already around 10,000 individuals who are recorded on the Elmhurst database as being trained at some level in energy rating technology.”