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We insure pets, so don’t forget families

Not many of us take the time to stop to consider how much we’re worth. But if we did we might be surprised by the result.

An easy way to work it out is to multiply your annual salary by the number of years you expect to work. The figure is quite alarming.

Now consider others in your family. Latest reports tell us that mums are worth nearly £33,000 a year, spending an average of 74 hours a week on household chores and childcare.

And they are not the only surprising statistics. In addition to paying for the mortgage and the monthly bills, it costs a staggering £250,000 to bring up a child from the day they are born to the age of 18.

While people think nothing of insuring their cars, their homes and even their pets, when it comes to insuring themselves and their family it’s a different matter. With two-thirds of Britons having no life insurance, isn’t it about time we reflected on our overall worth?

The question this raises is how people would survive should the worst happen. What if the main breadwinner were unable to work – or the person who looked after the children and did the household chores was no longer able to do these tasks due to illness?

Getting clients to think about these eventualities isn’t easy but discussing the options of taking out life or critical illness cover to secure their families’ futures will at least offer some reassurance.

With careful planning it’s possible to safeguard the family no matter what the future holds.


Exclusive sets up packaging unit

Exclusive Connections has set up a special unit at its Peterborough head office to provide packaging and other services to members that would like to outsource the packaging side of their business.

Sir Fred’s heroes are in the firing line

Corporate sponsorship is always a tough expenditure to justify and you’d have thought it would be even more difficult for nationalised banks such as Northern Rock and its sponsorship of Newcastle United FC or Lloyds Banking Group’s planned £65m funding for the Olympics.


Trust me, I’m a provider

By Craig Paterson, Underwriting and Claims Philosophy Manager, Royal London Hard-hitting headlines “Dying mother of two is refused life insurance payout.”1 “What a way to treat a dying man: Grandfather refused life insurance claim.”2 “A widow betrayed by a life insurance company.”3 With headlines like these, it’s no wonder some consumers don’t trust providers. Trust […]


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