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The diary of Doobry Wotsit

I’ve already started to get some fan mail from my first column in last Monday’s Mortgage Strategy. Well, not so much fan mail, more someone ranting that I was missing a trick not offering protection.

I emailed back to say I ask every customer about protection. I ask them, “I’d be right in thinking you don’t want protection do you?” and they always say “no”. What’s wrong with that?

Well, this irate broker was having none of it and started to go through what I could make from protection commission. He said I just needed to try a different tack with my sales pitch.

Fair enough. My attitude is to try anything once. Sometimes this pioneering spirit has backfired – I had a shocking incident with a lady-boy in a Bangkok opium den a couple of years ago – but I think I’m on safe ground with protection.

And I’ve never regretted branching out into equity release.

I am still waiting for Gloria and her cousin Gainalot to call. They want to equity release their great aunt’s 2.5m property to help pay for maintenance and send the old dear on a cruise.

Just waiting for the BBC to call now to brief me ahead of my slot on Magic-Me-a-Mortgage FM Finance Update on Tuesday night.


Long day ahead what with my slot on the radio tonight, but still no briefing and still no call from the BBC.

I finally heard back from the printers after the misprint on my last marketing initiative and they’ve agreed to take 50 off the bill. Finally, a result.


My radio slot got shunted to 2 minutes 23 seconds due to the previous guest over-running. Still, I got to speak to Derek, a triage assistant, who needs a 115,000 mortgage to buy a 130,000 property.

There seems to be a small planning issue with the property- it’s a self-build and there is some minor planning permission missing. But I’m sure we can get around it. I’ve already told him I can sort him out -my pal Gaz at Back Door Loans might be able to help with this one.


Still waiting for Gloria and Gainalot to call. I’ve been ringing them repeatedly but am just getting voicemail.

All is not lost though and I’m reminded of the need to set up an insurance desk. My wife Deirdre can no doubt manage this. She’s had at least 25 years’ experience of getting to grips with a difficult situation and pulling it off. She helped set up the spa in Toddington and still maintains a healthy interest in its operations.


At last, Gloria has called and is eager to set up a meeting. Apparently her mother was gravely ill last week but it appears the bout of pneumonia has passed and she is on the mend again. Worryingly, though, Gloria says she has been speaking to a sale-and-rent-back firm sponsoring a show on one of the satellite channels. This could be a problem and I really don’t want to lose this one.


Income multiples don’t show true affordability

The news that Lord Turner is weighing up whether to cap LTVs and income multiples is a typical knee-jerk reaction by a government which clearly does not consider or understand the wider ramifications of such a move.

Mortgages for Business unveils buy-to-let network

Buy-to-let mortgage packager Mortgages for Business is launching a specialist buy-to-let network in an attempt to help unregulated mortgage brokers continue to operate in the market.

We ain’t seen nothing yet…

Lord Adair Turner’s recent review, a regulatory response to the global banking crisis, was according to the Conservatives, both a “devastating critique of the last 10 years of economic policy and financial regulation” and a “withering critique of its failings”.

Cowboy brokers ruined self-cert

As the Financial Services Authority censures a mortgage broking firm for exposing customers to the risk of self-cert mis-selling, I do wonder whether the self-cert bad news will ever end.

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Healthcare predictions for 2015 from Jelf Employee Benefits

The continuing fall-out from the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) review, the rise of the private GP and digital engagement will be the primary focuses in the private healthcare industry during 2015, according to Iain Laws, managing director, healthcare and group risk, at Jelf Employee Benefits.


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