PIQ and HIP will be required from April 6

A Property Information Questionnaire will be needed before a property can be placed on the market, in addition to a Home Information Pack.

The PIQ, which must be completed by the vendor, is meant to help potential buyers make a more informed decision on whether to make an offer.

I has been designed to bring to the front of the process important information such as a home’s Council Tax band, the access to the property and any structural changes, which may have been carried out.

Mike Ockenden, director general of AHIPP, says: “Providing simple, easy to understand, upfront information regarding a property will enable buyers to make a more informed decision, making them less likely to pull out later in the process.

“The PIQ will also raise consumer awareness and appetite for the HIP, as vendors completing the questionnaire are likely to request to see similarly completed forms for any properties they go on to view.

“The information required in the PIQ is already obtained from the seller in the present system, but much later in the sale process. There is nothing new, just different timing that makes total sense.”