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Diet hard

In times of crisis it’s tempting to comfort eat your way back to some sort of happiness.

But it’s not so easy to do that when the price of food is soaring fasting than a speeding Spitfire. So what do you do? Take the opportunity to get the figure you’ve always dreamed of, that’s what.

Take the example of newly-svelte Cassie Ball who cut her food bill to just £8 a week by surviving on a diet of soup, bread and baked beans for 20 months. And as well as saving money she lost a fabulous 5st in weight.

If you too want to save cash but baked beans aren’t your thing Mortgage Strategy can offer an alternative. Super-sub Steve, who knocks our copy into shape, has devised his own crunch diet, surviving on a pack of chocolate biscuits at roughly £1 a day. He may lose his teeth and become big enough to feature on a Channel 5 documentary but he’s saving money. Mole likes his style.


Average UK house price rises £3,000 in March

The latest figures from Nationwide shows that the average house price actually rose by £3,000 last month, from £147,000 in February to £150,000 in March.

No goody

Mole was left with an unpleasant taste in his mouth last week after receiving a press release from a PR firm that shall remain nameless.

Marketwatch 30/03/2009

Swaps had another mixed week, with short-term money falling and longer term money edging up.

Lenders must help first-time buyers

The subject of first-time buyers and the part they play in the health (or frailty) of the housing market is a subject often discussed.


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