Taking responsibility to prevent a disaster

The reason none of us likes to think about the worst case scenario is, I believe, because we all like to think we’re invincible.


Who wants to confront the idea that they may one day become seriously ill or struggle to make ends meet?

Human nature means none of us wants to think about issues like illness as it’s a frightening thought.

We have recently done some consumer research which backs up the theory that many of us would rely on friends or family in a financial crisis but most of us would be unable to help if our friends or family came to us needing a financial helping hand.

It is human nature not to want to think about the prospect of being unable to work and therefore having to find a source of income but the fact is, being unable to work through illness is always possible.

Having no adequate safety net in place could mean major difficulties in keeping up with mortgage bills and day-to-day expenses.

Although we’d all like to think we could ask our nearest and dearest for help, they may not be able to, so we all need to have a degree of personal responsibility.